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About Michael Gray

When Michael was nine, his grandmother bought a baby grand piano. From that point on, Michael looked forward to visiting his grandmother so that he could sit next to her while she played. Noticing that he had talent and a keen interest, his parents soon decided to enroll him in piano lessons. By the age of thirteen, Michael was well on his way to becoming an accomplished pianist. He continued piano lessons through college, where he minored in music. Over time, he also broadened his repertoire extensively -- by learning the many popular songs he himself has enjoyed over the years.

Today, Michael is a classically trained pianist with an eclectic taste for many types of music. His popular music influences include the many artists who have graced the music scene throughout the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and on through until the present day. He is also fond of Standards and Broadway.

Currently, Michael plays piano for all types of events in the northeast states. Whether you are looking for quiet classical dinner music to accompany your intimate gathering or spirited popular music to get your wedding guests on the dance floor, Michael's piano playing is the perfect complement to any party - large or small. Michael's goal is always first and foremost to make your day a special one. With each event, he draws on his large musical repertoire to find music that will suit your unique needs. In addition, he is always happy to discuss the details of your event to your satisfaction beforehand.